Busting Myths About Health Insurance

Aug 14, 2018


Busting Myths About Health Insurance

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health insurance quotes california

When you are someone that may be shopping for health insurance, you may be concerned about what gets covered and what is going to matter. When you start to look at health insurance quotes california, how do you know what is going to be the best insurance for your needs? Here are a few myths that you need to think about when you’re exploring health insurance and what may be best for your particular needs.

Myth 1: Employer-sponsored health insurance is the best way to go.  Don’t always assume this. Sometimes, you get more benefits than you need, you’re paying higher premiums to make up for what your employer isn’t, or your out-of-pocket expenses are pricier than expected. If you’re relatively healthy and/or you’re single, it may just be better to get an individual plan. Always compare prices.

Myth 2: If you’re healthy, you don’t need it. What happens when you fall down the stairs or get unexpectedly ill? Just because you’re healthy does not mean accidents can’t happen, so even if it’s just minimal, it can save you a lot of money. Consider getting some sort of insurance in order to stay covered.

Myth 3 : The highest number of uninsured persons are under the age of 25. Yes, a lot of people under the age of 25 are uninsured, but because of legislation that allows children to stay under their parents’ insurance until age 26, this number is decreasing. Healthy people in this age group can also get an individual plan for much cheaper than some older adults. These two things have pushed the 45 to 60 age group as the group least likely to have insurance.

Understanding health insurance and the truth about it can help you to make good decisions and save money on it in the long run, too.