Why Exercise Form Matters So Much

Aug 14, 2018


Why Exercise Form Matters So Much

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It is not uncommon to visit a gym for the first time and see people obsessing over how much weight they are lifting. People will often talk about how much their weight increased on specific exercises in the past few weeks. But then you watch them and their technique looks so messy.

Weight vs. Technique

A huge misconception in the exercise world is that more weight being added to your lifts is the only way to make gains. The truth is that even if you are lifting more weight, improper form means you are using the wrong muscles.

So you may see some gains with that workout, but not the ones you wanted. Only proper form can result in consistent and safe gains.

Protecting Your Body

With specific exercises, such as squats or lunges, the wrong form can have serious consequences. It may put excessive strain on your muscles and joints, resulting in a long term injury. It is why an accessory such as an exercise board is recommended for doing squats, as it eases pressure on your joints.

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Slow and Proper Motions

Talk with any trainer worth their salt and they will tell you the same thing: form is what matters. Those athletes and gym enthusiasts who are lifting slowly and with correct form will have the most gains.

These people will also keep their body protected. It is simply unsafe to continue lifting heavier weights while performing exercises with the wrong form.

Ask When Unsure

If you are unsure about your form, do not hesitate to ask. Even if you think your form is correct, ask someone at the gym to watch you exercising. It is much easier for them to spot mistakes, as you are busy lifting not watching your form.

Committing to continually increasing the weight on your exercises is good, as it means you want to make progress. But doing so at the expense of proper exercise form is not a smart move!